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Testimonials From Satisfied Clients


“Your letter is so well-written. It says succinctly and perfectly exactly how I feel. No matter the outcome, I am more than satisfied with the quality of your work on my behalf. Thanks for that.”

– L.R. Suffern, NY

Dear Julian and Kim,

“Thank you both for all you have done for me and my mother.
Julian, thank you for going out of your way going to my mom’s house.
Happy, Healthy New Year to both of you.”

– L., Suffern, NY

“Thanks so much for shepherding us through our most difficult times. It was a relief to know you were in our corner so we could concentrate on rebuilding.”

– H. and A., Suffern, NY

“Many, many thanks for your hard work in taking us through the steps in getting our beautiful home. We appreciate you taking this very important step with us.”

– Michelle, Nanuet, NY


“This landlord world is a dark world, but I am going to stay in this for a while. So good to have you next to me in this world.”

– Michael R., Pomona, NY