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Understanding Your Bankruptcy Options

You may pay careful attention to your finances. However, there are some problems that can’t be avoided, such as a sudden loss of income, uncovered medical bills, a global pandemic, or similar events.  If you run a business or a household, you may find that bankruptcy offers you the best option in this bad situation. Filing for bankruptcy may allow you to protect the assets you have and begin rebuilding your future. Achieving these two goals is best accomplished with professional assistance.

When business owners and consumers need to file for bankruptcy and want to secure favorable outcomes, they contact our bankruptcy firm, Schulman & Kissel, P.C. For more than three decades, our bankruptcy attorneys have led our clients through this complex process.

Julian Schulman and Marc Kissel have the experience and knowledge to anticipate legal obstacles and plan accordingly. You will find them easy to work with and able to explain even the most difficult concepts to guide you through this often overwhelming experience.

Helping You Navigate Chapter 7, 5 And 11, And 13 Bankruptcy Proceedings

We have represented both debtors and creditors. When you meet with our team, we will study your assets and obligations, your income and your expenses, and work with you to identify the most effective course of action to pursue.

We offer practical counsel on debt relief solutions that may include these options:

  • Chapter 7: Individuals file Chapter 7 bankruptcy when they need to eliminate medical, tax or credit card debt or other obligations. When you file a Chapter 7, you will be protected from creditor’s calls and garnishment. Foreclosure procedures and repossessions may be suspended. You may also keep your home in most of the cases that we have filed.
  • Chapter 5 and 11: Businesses and consumers with high assets file Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and smaller businesses can consider the new Chapter 5 bankruptcy, to retain control over possessions and daily operations. These forms of bankruptcy restructure debts and require a reorganization plan to be designed to encourage future success.
  • Chapter 13: Consumers who want to keep their home and other property file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Taking this step protects you from getting harassed by creditors and creates a long-term repayment plan. This plan may also lower your monthly payment obligations.

Successfully completing these processes may allow you to stabilize your finances. Seeking self-help remedies for these situations may not produce the same results. When your long-term financial welfare is at stake, it’s time to work with a qualified bankruptcy attorney.

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