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Identifying Effective Debt Relief Solutions

Even with careful planning, there are some events that can’t be anticipated. Your employer may unexpectedly reduce your hours, wiping out your month’s income. A medical emergency may erase your family’s savings. These situations reduce reserves and rapidly increase debts.

Most individuals know that bankruptcy offers solutions to overwhelming debt obligations. This isn’t the only legal solution available, however. If you are a homeowner behind on your mortgage payments, you may be able to seek out other remedies with reputable professionals.

At Schulman & Kissel, P.C., our attorneys secure debt relief for residents throughout Rockland, Westchester, Orange and Bergen Counties. Centrally located in Suffern, NY, our bankruptcy firm is recognized throughout the region for its client-responsiveness and substantial understanding of loan repayment options. All of our lawyers have worked in the legal field for over 30 years, so they have extensive experience handling debt consolidation and other issues that may relate to bankruptcy matters.

If You Are In Danger Of Foreclosure Or Loan Default, You Still Have Options

Our attorneys are licensed to represent you in sessions with creditors and financial institutions. We provide many economical legal services designed to lessen your financial obligations, including:

  • Short sales
  • Loan workouts
  • Loan modification through negotiation or arbitration
  • Loan refinancing

Other companies in New York or New Jersey offer debt consolidation or reduction services. Unfortunately, these credit counselors often charge high fees for limited results.

All of our lawyers are qualified to practice law and do it with integrity. We take our legal and ethical responsibilities seriously, refusing to put our profit over your welfare. We understand that it is stressful to struggle with debt issues and consider it our vocation to help others overcome adversity with dignity.

Concerned About Accumulating Debt? Learn How We Can Help.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.